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Dr. Ines Federica Tecchiati

I was born in Rome and have lived in the Castelli Romani area for almost 30 years. Movement, corporeity, and dance have always attracted my interest since I was a child, becoming a way to open up, to know and express myself, helping me to channel my insecurity and shyness into forms that allowed me to make myself visible and find my space in the world.

I believe that DMT (Dance Movement Therapy) must maintain its roots in the artistic and aesthetic processes of its art of origin, Dance.

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Dance Movement Therapy:

What it is, How it is done, to Whom and Why
Dance Therapy is a practice that has its roots in the Art of Dance as a human expressive and communicative heritage. Throughout human history, dance is ubiquitous, even continents apart. In the culture of India, the world was born from a Cosmic Dance, Shiva recalls the figure of the Shaman, with his healing tools he fights against the vritti that prevent humanity from evolving and reconnecting to the consciousness from which it came
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Strumenti di osservazione del movimento per le relazioni di cura: manuale applicativo e descrizioni della pratica

La danza della relazione

I believe that DMT (Dance Movement Therapy) must maintain its roots in the artistic and aesthetic processes of its art of origin, Dance.


They say about me

I met Federica 6 years ago, I was in a depressive phase of my life I was trying everything to try to get out of the tunnel, that day I decided to call her recommended by a friend of mine who was already working with her in a one-to-one setting. I made the best choice of my life. I have been reborn through the practice of a flowing yoga thanks to my teacher with whom I continue this beautiful experience years later. If I had to recommend a person who can help you transform yourself without judgment, with the 'love she conveys for yoga and movement the knowledge she has ancient practices I would definitely recommend Federica. Thank you again for making me a better person
Cristina Nati
What you transmit is not just a yoga class.... It is a philosophy of life that you carry inside and day by day it grows stronger. A small root that grows. Concentration, breathing , the ability to become aware of where you are ,contact with yourself, mind-body harmony, fluidity of thoughts... This I carry with me as baggage. Daily. Namaste
Marika Pacioni
I consider DMT a very good therapy,I have known Dr. Ines Federica Tecchiati for 13 years, I consider her an excellent professional, capable, competent and honest. She took care of my daughter, with whom she had amazing results, but she also helped my husband and is still helping me. The tangible proof of professionalism are the obvious results. Federica has great empathy for her patients, so much so that in a short time you can consider her a friend who can alleviate your problems.
T. S.


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